Bajaj Chetak Achieves Remarkable Sales Milestone: 100,000 Units Sold In 8 Months

While the Bajaj Chetak's journey to 100,000 units took 47 months since its January 2020 launch, the past 8 months have been its true breakout period. A 60% of sales, or 62,991 units, were achieved during this timeframe, fueled by a deluge in consumer demand and Bajaj's strategic growth of the Chetak EV network. This remarkable growth revolution paints a clear picture: the Chetak has arrived, and it's here to stay.

The iconic Bajaj Chetak, reborn as a sleek electric scooter, has dominated the Indian EV market, crossing the 100,000-unit sales mark in just 47 months. Launched in January 2020, this Pune-born wonder has steadily climbed the ranks, reaching a cumulative total of 104,200 units by the end of November 2023, as per SIAM wholesales data. This impressive feat underlines Chetak's growing popularity and its pivotal role in driving India's electric mobility revolution.

The Bajaj Chetak's rise in the Indian EV market is truly remarkable, with 60% of its total sales, or 62,991 units, achieved in just the first eight months of FY24! This overflow in demand for the zero-emission scooter reflects a growing consumer need for sustainable mobility. Compared to the same period last year, Chetak sales witnessed an unremarkable 172% jump, showing its exponential growth revolution. Even more impressive, these eight-month figures surpass the entire FY23 sales by a significant margin of 31,556 units. The Chetak is not just catching up, it's pulling ahead in the race for electric two-wheeler power.

The Bajaj Chetak's electrifying rise doesn't stop there. In the ongoing fiscal year, it's hot on the heels of Ather Energy, the third-largest OEM in the Indian EV market. With just 5,229 units separating them, Bajaj Auto has set its sights firmly on the podium. Their best-ever monthly sales of 12,137 units in October 2023, during the festive season, demonstrate their relentless momentum.

The Bajaj Chetak, starting at Rs. 115,000 (ex-showroom Bengaluru), electrifies the market with its potent combination of performance and style. Its 2.9 kWh battery delivers a certified range of 108km, whisking you effortlessly through your day. Reach speeds of 63 kph with a touch of the throttle, and feel the wind in your hair while leaving zero emissions behind. The Chetak Premium adds a touch of elegance with a two-tone seat, matching accents, and a Bluetooth-enabled app that keeps you connected and in control. Tamper alerts, geofencing, and over-the-air updates are just a tap away, making the Chetak your perfect blend of smart and sustainable mobility.

The Bajaj Chetak is rewriting the script of the electric scooter race. 3 player with a record-breaking 11,668 units sold in November. From a mere 4% market share in January, the Chetak has roared to a commanding 13% by November, showcasing its unstoppable momentum. To capitalize on this meteoric rise, Bajaj Auto is ramping up production and expanding its network of dedicated Chetak showrooms.

The Chetak is accelerating up for an even faster ride! To cater to its surging demand, Bajaj Auto plans to double its network to 250 cities by March 2024, ensuring wider access across India. And for those seeking an upgraded experience, they've introduced the Chetak Urbane. Starting at Rs. 115,000, this new avatar boasts a slightly higher IDC-certified range of 113km compared to the current Chetak's 108km. But don't be fooled by numbers! The current Chetak Premium claims a real-world range of 108km, exceeding its IDC rating of 126km. So, whether you're a city commuter or a weekend adventurer, a Chetak is waiting to take you further.

The Chetak Urbane dials up the excitement with its crisp colour LCD, inherited from the Premium variant. In its standard form, it zips along at a respectable 63 kph, perfect for daily commutes. But for those who desire a little extra thrill, the optional Tecpac unlocks a hidden beast. With a tap of the button, the top speed soars to 73 kph, and a Sport mode unleashes the Chetak's full potential. So, whether you're a laid-back cruiser or a weekend adrenaline seeker, the Urbane has a mode just for you.