Maharashtra E-Bike Boom Drives Registrations Past 3 Lakh In Just 50 Days

Maharashtra has surged past the 3-lakh milestone for electric bikes, firmly establishing itself as the state with the largest electric bike population in India. This remarkable achievement is underscored by a record growth of 40,000 new registrations in just 50 days, highlighting a growing preference for sustainable transportation solutions.

This trend is further accelerated by a 15% increase in electric bike sales across the state. Boasting over a hundred brands and variants, the market offers a diverse range of sturdy bikes with impressive features and low maintenance costs. Dealers are optimistic about a surge in registrations during the upcoming Diwali festival season. To further propel the adoption of electric bikes, the government should continue providing incentives to buyers.

The market offers an extensive selection of over a hundred electric bike brands and variants, with newer models boasting sturdiness, impressive display panels, ample storage space, and low maintenance and fuel costs. Some models are priced above one lakh rupees.

With the upcoming Diwali festival season, dealers anticipate a surge in electric bike registrations across the state. "We have received numerous bookings for the Dhanteras festival, which falls on Friday, as citizens are eager to take delivery of their new e-scooters," stated a dealer from Mulund. As of today, Mumbai has over 18,000 registered electric scooters.

A transport commissioner's office official remarked that the state has witnessed an impressive growth in EV adoption across all segments, including bikes, cars, and buses, outpacing other states. The EV segment is projected to experience at least a 50% increase in registrations in 2023 compared to the previous year, he stated. "To further accelerate sales in the coming months, the government should continue providing incentives to buyers," advised an EV expert.

Driven by lessons learned from past incidents, electric vehicle manufacturers have been rigorously enhancing quality checks to ensure the safety of their products. In Mumbai, the chief fire officer's fire NOC guidelines for electric two-wheeler charging points have established stringent safety norms to prevent accidents and fires.

Following concerns raised over e-scooter battery fires in parts of India during the summer of 2022, the Central government has emphasized the importance of stringent quality control and manufacturing checks. Mumbai's overall electric vehicle registrations have witnessed a staggering 97-fold increase in just five years, with the number of electric vehicles registered at four city RTOs soaring from 311 in 2019 to 30,127 as of today.

"While electric scooters and e-cars have contributed to some extent in curbing Mumbai's pollution levels, there is an urgent need to establish a comprehensive charging infrastructure for EVs, with charging stations available every 100 meters in the future," emphasized transport activist Anil Galgali.