Fan's Dream Come True As Vicky Kaushal Calls Her On Flight

A fan was on a flight to the Maldives. She saw Vicky Kaushal on the flight. She was very excited. She asked him for a picture. He said yes. He was very nice. He asked her about her work. He wished her luck. She was very happy.

Fan Shares Heartwarming Experience of Meeting Vicky Kaushal on Flight

Vicky and Katrina are a famous actor couple. Vicky and Katrina flew out of Mumbai before Katrina's birthday Katrina is going to have her 40th birthday soon. Vicky and Katrina went to the Maldives for Katrina's birthday. A fan met Vicky on the flight and posted a video about it.

Vicky Kaushal's Sweet Gesture for Fan Who Was Sent Back by Air Hostess

Aakriti was on the flight and saw Vicky Kaushal. Her friend told her to let go but Aakriti shook her head. Aakriti's friend convinced her to go and meet Vicky but the air hostess sent her back. Aakriti told her friend that there was a lot of turbulence so she had to wait.

Fan's Dream Comes True as Vicky Kaushal Calls Her on Flight

Vicky called Aakriti himself and she went to the front of the aircraft. They posed for a picture and Aakriti was very happy. She added the song Obsessed as the background music for her video.

Vicky Kaushal's Fan Pens Heartfelt Note After Meeting Him

Aakriti was very happy to meet Vicky Kaushal on the flight. She wanted to talk to him, but the air hostess sent her back. 15 minutes later, the air hostess told Aakriti that Vicky was calling her. Aakriti was very happy and she fangirled over him.

People Recall Their Sweet Experiences with Vicky Kaushal

A few people said that Vicky Kaushal is a sweetheart. They stated that he is very kind and down to earth. They also said that he is always willing to take pictures with fans.