Mahindra Files "Thar Armada" Trademark For Upcoming 5-Door SUV

The Thar is about to grow! Mahindra's special off-roader gets a spacious 5-door treatment in mid-2024, but its new name remains a thrilling mystery.

Mahindra's foray into the 5-door Thar territory is laced with exciting mystery, courtesy of a treasure trove of trademarked names: Thar Armada, Cult, Rex, Savannah, Roxx, Gladius, and Centurion. Each moniker whispers its own distinct story, sending shivers of anticipation down the spines of experts and enthusiasts alike. Is the Thar Armada a behemoth ready to conquer any terrain? Will the Cult spark a revolution in off-road aesthetics? Does the Rex hint at raw, untamed power? Every name dances on the edge of possibility, leaving us yearning to uncover the secrets they hold.


The 5-door Thar isn't just adding doors; it's adding a whole new chapter to the Mahindra legend. Forget simply stretching the existing model – this beast is undergoing a metamorphosis. Spy shots whisper of a sculpted new grillesleek upgraded LED headlights, and fresh alloy wheels that hint at a bolder, more modern stance. The bumper gets a redesign, ready to embrace any adventure, while a single-pane sunroof invites the sky to join the journey. And of course, the pièce de résistance – two extra doors, opening the Thar's world to a wider audience yet still preserving its rugged charm.

Stepping inside the 5-door Thar is like entering a whole new world – one where comfort and convenience seamlessly blend with rugged charm. Forget cramped quarters; the extended wheelbase promises ample space for you and your crew, ready to embark on any adventure comfortably. But the upgrades go beyond mere size. Imagine a sleek 10-inch touchscreen commanding your journey, guiding you through uncharted paths with the latest connected car tech. Relax your arms on a brand-new front armrest, let your fingers grip a redesigned steering wheel, and lose yourself in the sounds blasting from ceiling-mounted speakers.

The 5-door Thar is a buffet of powertrain options, ready to cater to every adventurer's appetite. Choose your weapon: the legendary 2.2-litre mHawk diesel, a seasoned warrior known for its grunt and unwavering reliability, or the thrilling 2.0-litre mStallion petrol, a modern beast roaring with raw power. Tame the gears with a smooth 6-speed manual or let the 6-speed automatic take the wheel while you soak in the view. Want to conquer any terrain? Opt for the unstoppable 4×4. Craving urban adventures? The efficient 4×2 configuration might be your perfect match. Whispers hint at a potential 1.5-litre diesel option for the 4×2 setup, but that story is yet to unfold.

The 5-door Thar saga isn't just about unveiling a new beast; it's about igniting a whole new chapter in the off-road legend. Will Mahindra pick one rugged moniker to conquer the market, or will they unleash a whole pack of them, each embodying a distinct facet of the 5-door Thar's essence?