Reliance Jio Revolutionizes Car Ownership With Easy-To-Install OBD Device

Embrace the future of driving with Jio's pocket-sized OBD device, the key to transforming your car into a smart vehicle. Simply connect the device to your car's OBD port and enjoy seamless connectivity through Jio's e-SIM network. No need for extra SIM cards or data plans.

Enhance your car ownership experience with JioMotive, now available for ₹4,999 at Reliance Digital, Amazon, and JioMart. JioMotive offers real-time vehicle tracking to monitor your car's location. This feature guarantees the safety of your loved ones and helps prevent theft.

Geo-Fencing: With JioMotive, users can set up virtual boundaries on a map. They will receive alerts when their car enters or exits these zones, providing security and peace of mind.

Driving Analytics: The device collects data on various driving parameters, such as speed, rapid acceleration, and aggressive braking. This information can be utilized to enhance driving behaviour, reduce fuel consumption, and detect potential car issues.

Remote Diagnostics: Stay ahead of car problems with JioMotive's remote diagnostics, which alerts you to potential issues before they become major expenses.

Reliance Jio has made owning and managing a car easier and more efficient with its new pocket-size OBD device. Transform your ordinary car into a smart vehicle with JioMotive, an innovative device that enhances your driving experience.

Once installed, JioMotive keeps you informed and connected by providing real-time car tracking, virtual boundary alerts, driving data insights, and remote car health monitoring. Reliance Digital's website and e-commerce platforms like Amazon and JioMart sell it for ₹4,999.