From Schoolboy To Soldier: The Age Cutoff For The NDA & NA And CDS I Examination 2024

UPSC has revealed the upcoming CDS (I) 2024 exam. 100 brave essences will march through the gates of the Indian Military Academy, generating their path in Dehradun. 


32 vacancies are attracted at the Indian Naval Academy in Ezhimala and 32 spots open at the Air Force Academy in Hyderabad.  The 275 vacancies in the Officers' Training Academy's Chennai branch (SSC Course for men). And for our fearless female warriors, 18 positions await in the same academy's SSC Women Non-Technical Course.

UPSC has revealed the spoils of victory in the NDA & NA (I) 2024 exam! The 208 vacancies in the NDA Army, while those who dream of ocean conquests can navigate towards the 42 spots in the Navy. The Air Force beckons with 92 slots in the flying branch, along with 18 opportunities for tech wizards in Ground Duties (Tech) and 10 in Ground Duties (Non-Tech). And for those drawn to the depths, the Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme) offers 30 coveted positions.

The Union Public Service Commission has outlined the CDS and NDA & NA (I) 2024 examinations, and age is your first obstacle to conquer. For those seeking the glory of the Indian Military Academy, only unmarried men born between January 2nd, 2001, and January 1st, 2006, may answer the call.

The Air Force Academy invites aspirants aged 20 to 24 years old (as of January 1st, 2025). Holders of a valid DGCA Commercial Pilot License can fly past the age limit, extending their eligibility to 26 years. Remember, cadets, love must wait for takeoff – unmarried status is a requirement for those below 25.

Unmarried men born between January 2nd, 2000, and January 1st, 2006, may raise their hands and answer the nation's summons. But for our brave female warriors seeking the SSC Women Non-Technical Course, the path is slightly different. Unmarried women, issueless widows who remain unwed, and issueless divorcees possessing legal documents, all born within the same timeframe, are welcome to step forward. Remember, cadets, love must wait for the sound of marching boots – singleness is a must for all below 26. Only unmarried warriors, male or female, were born between July 2nd, 2005, and July 1st, 2008.