Sam Altman's Backed Humane Launches AI Pin: Features, Price, Release Date

A company called Humane, with tech guru Sam Altman supporting it, is launching its first-ever AI Pin – think of it as a super smart gadget you wear like a watch. This little pin is full of artificial intelligence, promising to make your life easier and more connected.  Sam Altman is releasing its first creation – the AI Pin. Think of it as a super-smart assistant you wear like a watch, packed with AI smarts ready to simplify your life. 

Back in November, a tech startup called Humane announced their mind-blowing first project: the AI Pin. This isn't your average accessory; it's a wearable AI buddy strapped to your wrist. Coming in early 2024, the AI Pin promises revolutionary features that'll help you access important info in a moment, slashing the time you spend buried in research.

This voice-activated wonder from Humane (the tech startup supported by Sam Altman himself) is a lightweight wearable you clip on, ready to be your personal AI whisperer. This tech marvel lands in stores in March 2024. 

This wearable wonder responds to touch, voice, and even hand gestures, making it as easy to use as it is powerful. No more searching through your phone or getting lost in translation apps – the Ai Pin is like having a mini personal assistant fixed to your sleeve.

Inside this tiny tech titan hums a powerful, top-secret Snapdragon chip, and rumours whisper about an ultra-smart AI engine called GPT-4 running the show. Imagine having a mini encyclopedia and navigation system flashed onto your palm – that's the magic the Ai Pin promises. 

This gadget isn't alone in its quest to change the world – it's got a powerful ally in OpenAI, the brains behind ChatGPT. OpenAI just happens to have some friends at Microsoft (and a big investor named Sam Altman, who owns 14% of the company!). So this AI Pin isn't just a cool gadget, it's the result of some serious tech teamwork! 

The Humane Ai Pin has a price tag of $699, but there's a little more to it than that. Think of it as an investment in your future, because for an extra $24 per month, you get superpowers like cellular data and your very own phone number attached to this little tech titan.