Advancements In AI Prompt Google Restructuring, Potential Layoffs For 30,000 Employees

The tech giant's AI advances may start a restructure in its 30,000-strong ad sales unit because of the company's record-breaking layoffs of 12,000 employees earlier this year. As powerful new AI tools automate ad creation and targeting, their effectiveness effects some traditional sales roles obsolete. Performance Max, Google's AI ad campaign creator launched in 2021. 


Performance Max, the company's AI-powered campaign maestro, takes over ad creation for specific services like YouTube, Search, and Maps, rendering in-depth product knowledge less crucial. This automation boon for advertisers could translate to job losses for Google's 30,000-strong ad sales unit, further amplified by the recent addition of generative AI capabilities to Performance Max.

Google's latest initiative throws open the doors to its artificial intelligence expertise, giving marketers a powerful toolkit for website scanning, keyword generation, headline crafting, image creation, and more. This means smarter, faster, and potentially more impactful ad campaigns – but also raises questions about the future of human roles in the advertising landscape. AI is taking centre stage at Google, and its own AI division is leading the charge!