Canada to Welcome Half A Million Immigrants Annually; Indians Stand To Gain The Most

In a bid to push its population beyond 40 million this year, Canada is gearing up to welcome 500,000 immigrants yearly from 2024 to 2026. The lion's share of these newcomers will originate from India. On Wednesday, Marc Miller, the Minister overseeing immigration, shared the plan for immigration from 2024 to 2026, assuring that the government will limit immigration to 500,000 by 2026.

India already stands as Canada's primary source of immigrants and students. It is expected to reap the most benefits from these new immigration quotas, with 281,135 individuals in the economic category and 114,000 under the family category set to join Canadian shores.

In 2020, more than 118,000 Indians were granted Canadian PR, constituting a quarter of all new arrivals in the country. These revised immigration targets will drive Canada's annual population growth by 1.3%.

Despite opinion polls indicating resistance to the plan, largely due to housing concerns, the government led by Justin Trudeau is resolute in maintaining high immigration levels. Minister Miller emphasized, "Canada will continue to welcome newcomers and ensure that they are supported in their new lives."

The Minister acknowledged that the cap of 500,000 on immigration levels is a pragmatic step, recognizing the importance of accounting for housing, infrastructure planning, and sustainable population growth.