Google Unlocks User Voice with ‘Notes’ in Search Labs

Google introduced Notes, an innovative feature in Search Labs, enabling users to directly contribute their knowledge on Search, assisting others in uncovering valuable responses to unique inquiries and discovering useful information across the web.

In this experiment, Notes seamlessly combines with existing web content, offering a layer of human insights to search results. Users can gain valuable context about a web page to pinpoint the most relevant information or contribute their expertise.

For example, Notes might offer helpful advice on choosing neighbourhoods in a new city or modifying the spice level in a recipe. Users can leave notes to guide others and share their experiences, fostering a collective pool of knowledge.

Through this experiment, Google aims to democratize access to valuable insights from both experts and everyday individuals. The objective is to assist users in identifying relevant information and gaining knowledge from the experiences of others. Once users opt into Notes in Search Labs, the "Notes" button appears below search results in the Google app and on Discover articles.

Google prioritizes safety and quality in this experiment by utilizing algorithmic safeguards and human moderation to guarantee that notes are safe, beneficial, and relevant, preventing harmful or abusive content.

In keeping with the experimental nature of the project, Google intends to explore methods for providing site owners with insights into notes left on their content. They recognize the significance of this for websites and are committed to working with them to determine the most useful tools and insights.

Users in the U.S. can access Notes in Search Labs on the Google app (Android and iOS) in English. Additionally, Google plans to introduce the capability to add AI-generated images to notes in the U.S. shortly.