Hurry Up! 2000 Rupee Notes Exchange Deadline Approaching: Guidelines And Last Date

As the days pass, the deadline for exchanging your old ₹2000 notes is fast approaching. If you haven't already swapped your old ₹2000 notes, it's high time to take action. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had urged Indian citizens to return their old ₹2000 notes by September 30, 2023, and that date is now just around the corner. Failure to exchange your notes before this deadline could lead to complications in the future, rendering them worthless. So, what do you need to know?

Last Date for ₹2000 Note Exchange

With only one day left until September 30, 2023, it's crucial to complete the task of exchanging your old ₹2000 notes as soon as possible. To avoid disappointment, make sure to check the bank holiday list before heading to your bank for the exchange. September 2023 is filled with numerous bank holidays, and you wouldn't want to return empty-handed due to an unexpected closure.

Guidelines Overview

Note Value: ₹2000 note
Last date: September 30, 2023
One-time limit of note exchange: ₹20,000
Year: 2023

Bank Holidays in September 2023

Here's a list of bank holidays in September 2023:

September 3, 2023: Sunday (Whole Country)

September 6, 2023: Sri Krishna Janmashtami (Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Chennai, Patna)

September 7, 2023: Sri Krishna Janmashtami (Ahmedabad, Raipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Gangtok, Dehradun, Jaipur, Telangana, Jammu Kashmir, Kanpur, Ranchi, Shimla, Sri Nahar, etc.)

September 9, 2023: Second Saturday (Whole Country)

September 10, 2023: Sunday (Whole Country)

September 17, 2023: Sunday (Whole Country)

September 18, 2023: Vinayak Chaturthi (Bengaluru, Telangana)

September 19, 2023: Ganesh Chaturthi (Ahmedabad, Belapur, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Nagpur, Panaji, etc.)

September 20, 2023: Ganesh Chaturthi, Nuakhai (Kochi, Bhubaneswar)

September 23, 2023: Fourth Saturday (Whole Country)

September 25, 2023: Srimanta Sankardev Jayanti (Guwahati)

September 24, 2023: Sunday (Whole Country)

September 27, 2023: Milad-e-Sharif (Jammu, Kochi, Trivandrum, Srinagar)

September 28, 2023: Eid-e-Milad (Ahmedabad, Belapur, Bhopal, Dehradun, Imphal, Lucknow, Nagpur, Raipur, Ranchi, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, Telangana, Chennai, Bengaluru, Aizawl)

September 29, 2023: Eid-e-Milad (Gangtok, Jammu, Srinagar)

Last Date for ₹2000 Note Returns in Bank

The Reserve Bank of India had officially removed the old ₹2000 notes from circulation on April 19, 2023. A total of four months were allocated to withdraw these old notes from circulation. With the last date for ₹2000 note returns in the bank quickly approaching, it's crucial to exchange your old notes before the deadline.

The Central Bank reported that 88 percent of the highest denomination ₹2000 notes had been withdrawn by banks in approximately two months. The remaining 12 percent had been granted an extension of two additional months.

₹2000 Note Exchange Limit

If you possess ₹2000 notes, don't delay their exchange or deposit in the bank, as the deadline is nearly here. September 30, 2023, marks the last date for exchange. Given the limited time left under the ₹2000 Note Exchange Limit, it's advisable to act promptly.

The RBI has made the exchange process seamless, allowing individuals to exchange notes worth up to ₹20,000 at a time without the need for any forms or demand slips. However, if you intend to exchange larger sums, you may be required to complete an identity certificate and form.

Don't miss the deadline! If you fail to exchange your old ₹2000 notes by September 30, 2023, they will lose their value, rendering them unusable. The instructions provided by the RBI for note exchange are clear and straightforward. Act now to ensure your money remains valid and in circulation.

FAQs Related to ₹2000 Notes Exchange Last Date

When is the last date to exchange ₹2000 notes?
The last date for exchanging ₹2000 notes is September 30, 2023.

What is the official website of the RBI?
The official website of the RBI is

How many denominations of ₹2000 notes can be exchanged at a time?
You can exchange ₹2000 notes up to ₹20,000 at a time without any forms or demand slips.