IKEA Ordered To Pay Rs 3,000 Compensation To The Consumer For Charging Rs 20 For The Bag

IKEA India Private Limited was ordered to pay the consumer a total of Rs 3,020, including the cost of the bag, interest, damages, and litigation expenses.

The Rs 20 for the bag was ordered to be refunded with interest, which means that IKEA will have to pay the consumer more than Rs 20 for the bag, depending on how long it took for the case to be resolved.

The Rs 1,000 in damages and Rs 2,000 in litigation expenses were awarded to the consumer to compensate them for the time and money they spent pursuing the case.

A consumer court in Bengaluru has ordered IKEA India Private Limited to refund a customer Rs 20 with interest and pay Rs 3,000 in compensation for charging her.

Sangeetha Bohra, a consumer, visited the Nagasandra branch of IKEA on October 6, 2022, and purchased a few items. She asked for a bag to carry the items and was charged Rs 20 for it, even though the bag had the store's logo on it.

The Consumer Commission, headed by President B N Arayanappa and Members Jyothi N and Sharavathi S M, dismissed IKEA's contention that it did not engage in unfair trade practices.

The Commission cited a previous ruling by the State Commission, which held that all expenses incurred to put goods into a deliverable state shall be borne by the seller.