India Covid-19 Update: 752 New Cases, 4 Deaths Reported In 24 Hours

The JN.1 sub-variant casts a shadow, prompting India to ramp up vigilance. Amid rising cases (752), though deaths remain low (4), the government instructs states to send all test swabs for genome sequencing, ensuring no concerning variants get a foothold. 


While the national picture shows a modest rise in cases (752) and low deaths (4), regional hotspots like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and others are seeing a slight uptick. States are on high alert, implementing individual surveillance measures and ramping up preparedness to keep any potential surge in check.


The vast majority (93%) of India's new Covid cases are mild, with patients isolating at home. Hospitals see minimal pressure, with ventilator usage at 0.1%, ICU occupancy at 1.2%, and oxygen support minimal at 0.6%. While cases rise slightly (752), deaths remain low (4) – a mixed picture demanding continued vigilance from both authorities and individuals. 

JN.1 may be raising eyebrows, but WHO keeps calm. While classified as a "Variant of Interest," it hasn't shown increased public health risk compared to other contenders. Even better news: current vaccines appear effective in preventing severe illness and death. 

What is the Covid-19 cases tally in India currently?

While India's daily Covid cases inch up (752, highest since May 21st), deaths remain low (4). Active cases rise modestly to 3,420. Stay tuned for regional updates on hotspots like Kerala, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, where the recent fatalities occurred. 

Covid-19 Task Force in Maharashtra to study JN.1 threats

JN.1 raises the stakes in Maharashtra as cases jump. The state, already a Covid hotspot, will form a dedicated task force to study the new sub-variant and assess potential threats. While national numbers show a slight rise (752 new cases) and low deaths (4), Maharashtra remains on high alert.

Karnataka Covid cases jump 225% in 24 hours

Karnataka as Covid cases skyrockets 225% in just 24 hours, reaching 78 new infections. Sadly, one more death was reported, pushing the state's total toll to 40,321. While national numbers remain cautiously optimistic (752 new cases, 4 deaths), Karnataka serves as a stark reminder of the need for continued vigilance, especially in hotspots. 

Covid India cases Live: Multifold jump in cases recorded

India's daily tally surpassed 1,100 (vs. 752 yesterday), with Kerala and Karnataka leading the surge. Kerala reported 266 cases and 2 deaths, while Karnataka saw 70 infections. Despite the rise, the 4-week trend paints a cautious picture with a 52% increase, not a steep climb. Importantly, the WHO reassures that current vaccines remain effective against severe illness and death from JN.1 and other variants. 

Covid India cases Live: 752 new cases recorded in country with 4 fatalities

While India sees a modest rise in daily Covid cases (752), deaths remain low (4). Active cases show a slight uptick to 3,420. Stay informed on regional updates, especially in hotspots like Kerala, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, where recent fatalities occurred.

JN.1 variant accounts for 39%-50% of cases in the US

JN.1 takes hold in the US, now responsible for an estimated 39-50% of new Covid cases. The CDC reports this jump from roughly 15-29% just a week ago, highlighting the subvariant's rapid spread.

What WHO says about rising Covid cases

While global COVID cases have climbed 52% over the past month, a glimmer of hope emerges: deaths dipped 8%. WHO reports over 3,000 new fatalities but notes the downward trend in mortality.

Covid India cases Live: 3, including a 6-month-old baby, test COVID-19 positive in West Bengal

While India's daily COVID cases show a modest rise (752), regional pockets like West Bengal raise a cautious flag. Three new cases, including a six-month-old baby, were reported in the state, though their JN.1 status remains undetermined. 

Covid India cases Live: Karnataka health minister asks people to wear masks

Karnataka sounds the caution bell amid rising COVID cases. Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao urges mask-wearing in crowded places while assuring no immediate restrictions.

India sees 22 cases; Centre order genome sequencing

India's JN.1 case count ticks up to 22, prompting tightened monitoring but not immediate alarm. Health departments stay vigilant and ramp up genome sequencing to track potential spread. Thankfully, all reported cases show mild symptoms and no concerning clusters have emerged. 

Covid India cases Live: Andhra Pradesh CM says no need to panic

Andhra Pradesh's CM urges calm. Jagan Mohan Reddy assures there's no need to panic but calls for swift preventive measures through the state's village and ward network. Village clinics will be equipped to handle potential JN.1 cases.

Covid India cases Live: 9 cases recorded in Telangana

Telangana sees a slight uptick with 9 new Covid cases, 8 in Hyderabad. Despite the rise, active cases remain modest at 27. Stay informed on regional updates and practice individual vigilance as the overall national picture shows a cautious climb in daily cases (752 new) and low deaths (4). 

Covid India cases Live: The second case reported in Gurugram

Gurugram grapples with its second Covid case, prompting swift action from health officials. While details on the new case emerge, they ensure adequate measures are in place to curb potential spread. Remember, stay informed on regional updates and practice individual vigilance as the national picture shows a modest rise in daily cases (752 new) and low deaths (4). 

Covid India cases Live: Rajasthan reports 6 new cases

Rajasthan sees a modest rise with 6 new COVID cases and 1 unfortunate death. The state remains proactive, forming a special team for prevention and control measures.

Covid India cases Live: Kerala health minister says ‘nothing to worry about’

Kerala, a JN.1 hotspot, sees a slight rise in cases (265 new infections, 1 death) but health minister Veena George urges calm. "Nothing to worry about," she assures, highlighting proactive measures like state-level meetings and genomic sequencing already in place.