Jio World Garden: A Luxurious Wedding Oasis For India's High Society

Mukesh Ambani's Jio World Centre has emerged as a coveted wedding destination for India's elite. Discover its opulent ambience and explore the lavish facilities that make it a haven for extravagant celebrations.

Mumbai's affluent society has embraced Jio Garden as their preferred venue for grand weddings and lavish events. Mukesh Ambani, this luxurious garden has witnessed a multitude of grand celebrations, including the lavish wedding of Akash Ambani, Mukesh Ambani's son, to Shloka Mehta.

Gracing the Jio World Centre with its presence, Nita Ambani inaugurated the Dhirubhai Ambani Square on March 6th. Nestled within the Bandra Kurla Complex, the Jio World Garden sprawls across an expansive five lakh square feet, establishing it as India's largest convention centre.

Envisioned as a haven of luxury, Jio Garden boasts an array of world-class amenities. This sprawling complex encompasses an international convention centre, plush hotels, and two shopping malls, including a luxury mall, a performing arts theatre, a rooftop drive-in movie theatre, and commercial offices, as reported by the Economic Times.

Ensuring seamless connectivity, Jio Garden is blanketed with Wi-Fi coverage throughout its entirety. The garden also has a parking facility, capable of accommodating up to 2,000 cars and SUVs simultaneously.

While the cost of renting this luxurious venue for a day is a staggering Rs 15 lakh, excluding additional expenses, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore its grandeur on non-event days. For a nominal fee of Rs 10, anyone can embark on a captivating tour of this magnificent complex.