Kerala's Richest Man: Making Rs 180 Crore A Day

Many Indians are now leaders in different businesses. Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani are two of the most well-known Indian businessmen, but there are many others who are also very successful.

M. A. Yusuff Ali is a rich Indian businessman who owns the Lulu Group. In the 23 countries in the Middle East, Asia, The US and Europe, The Lulu Group has 23 stores.

With a staff of over 65,000 and an annual revenue of around a billion (₹66,000 crore), the Lulu Group is one of the largest Indian businesses operating overseas.

M. A. Yusuff Ali, a native of Thrissur, Kerala, is the chairman and managing director of the Lulu Group, an Indian retail conglomerate with over 65,000 employees and an annual revenue of around a billion (₹66,000 crore).

M. A. Yusuff Ali has a diploma in business management and administration. In 1973, he travelled to Abu Dhabi to work with his uncle in a small distribution company. He opened the first LuLu hypermarket in the 1990s. In the United Arab Emirates, Lulu Group has headquartered in the Abu Dhabi.

Yusuff Ali is a busy businessman who is also taking parts in several organizations.. He is married to Shabira Yusuff Ali and they have three children. His eldest daughter, Sabeena, is married to healthcare entrepreneur and multibillionaire Shamsheer Vayalil.