Kusha Kapila Has Announces Separation From Husband Zorawar Ahluwalia

Social media influencer and actor Kusha Kapila announced on Monday that she has separated from her husband Zorawar Ahluwalia. Kusha Kapila posted on Instagram expressing the mutual decision made by her and her husband to end their relationship. The decision which is taken by both to take divorce each other was not easy for them, but they knew it was the right decision in their lives.

In her post, Kusha also mentioned that the separation hasn't been an easy time for both of them or their respective families. They had spent and enjoyed more time together and shared a lot of memories. They still need more time to rebuild and ongoing with love, respect, and support for each other.

Kapila is a famous social media motivator and inspiring with over 3 million followers on Instagram and more than 9 lakh subscribers on YouTube. She has also acted in web shows such as 'Masaba Masaba', 'Case Toh Banta Hai' and 'Comicstaan', and she also appeared in the latest Netflix film 'Plan A Plan B' alongside Tamannaah Bhatia. According to reports, the duo got hitched in 2017 after dating for a few years.

In conclusion, Kusha Kapila's announcement has come as a surprise to many of her fans but it's important to respect their decision. Separations and breakups are never easy, and it's always essential to maintain respect and support towards each other. We can only hope that both Kusha and Zorawar can move forward and heal from this experience.