Mobile Internet Suspended In Haryana's Nuh After MLA's Arrest Amid Fears Of Tension

Mobile internet has been suspended in Nuh district, Haryana, from 10 am on Friday to 11.59 pm on Saturday, amid fears of tension. The district administration has also imposed Section 144 and requested people to offer Friday prayers at home.

The order cited the emergent situation as the reason for suspending mobile internet in Nuh. Hours earlier, Congress MLA Mamman Khan was arrested by the Haryana police for his alleged role in the violence that erupted in Nuh on July 31.

The internet suspension order warned of the possibility of tension, annoyance, agitation, damage to public and private property, and disturbance of public peace and tranquillity in the district. The order was issued to stop the rumours on social media platforms.

The government said it was suspending mobile internet in Nuh to keep people safe, but it would still allow people to send text messages, recharge their phones, transfer money, make phone calls and use internet services at home and at work.

The commercial/financial interests of the State and the basic domestic needs of individuals were not affected. The order was passed ex parte, without prior notice, due to the emergent situation.

On Thursday night, the Nuh Police Special Investigation Team (SIT) arrested Mamman Khan in connection with the July 31 violence in several Haryana districts, including Gurugram.

The violence erupted after a VHP March was attacked by Muslims, killing six people, including two police officers injured with others 88 people.