New ATM Withdrawal Charges! Pay Up to Rs 22 for Excess Transactions.

According to the new amendments in the policy, RBI announced imperative information about the charges on the cash withdrawal from ATMs.

Bank account holders to pay extra charges for the withdrawal of money. The people whose bank accounts are SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank, and HDFC have to pay an additional amount.

The private and public banks made changes in the cash withdrawals system. If you withdraw more than the required amount from the ATM, you should pay Rs 20-21 as a charge.

The first three transactions have no cost in the cash withdrawal from the ATM. Once you have used all your transactions, the rules and charges of different banks have been used. It is eligible for both financial and non-financial transactions.

As per the new rules of the Reserve Bank Of India, Rs 21 would charged as a transactional withdrawal fee. These recent laws have come into consideration from 1st January 2022.

In Metro cities, the cash withdrawal limit of other banks is three instead of SBI banks. The metro towns are Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Once your free transactions limit completes, SBI will charge Rs 5 to Rs 20, depending on the transaction amount.
Consumers get charged up to Rs 5 in the SBI ATMs and Rs 8 in the other ATMs with the applicable GST rates.

PNB Bank
PNB provides no-cost five transactions to their customers a month in ATMs. A Rs 10 has paid on their financial transactions. Also, there is a differentiation in the rules and regulations of PNB and other banks.

In metro cities, there are three free transactions, while in non-metro cities, five transactions are free. Other bank ATMs has charge of Rs 20 for financial and non-financial transactions.

In the metro city, three transactions are free, while in the non-metro city, five transactions are free for approximately 30 days.

Comparing the regulations with Global transactions, this will be different.
In the International transaction, the cash withdrawal charge is Rs 150, while the balance enquiry fee is Rs 15.

HDFC Bank System
In the HDFC bank ATM, five transactions are free for a month. The Rs 20 plus taxes used for financial withdrawals, while Rs 8.5 plus taxes charged for non-financial transactions.

For the Re-generation of a Debit Card Pin, the fee is Rs 50 and includes applicable surcharges. If you run out of money and your transaction declines, then there will be a charge.

If your transaction cannot processed due to enough balance in the alternate bank ATM, a Rs 25 charge ought to be paid.

ICICI Bank Procedure
A regular cash withdrawal limit provided to account holders relies on the card type and the kind of account people have. Its range hovered from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 Lakh.
The cash withdrawn amount of Rs 10,000 is available on the ATM facility from another bank instead of ICICI Bank.

Following this, The amount of Rs 20 has to paid on the next ATM in financial withdrawals. In non-financial transactions, the charge is Rs 8.5 by adding GST.

Axis Bank
The regular limits are Rs 50,000 for the money withdrawal and Rs 1,25,000 for the POS Transaction. There would be a deduction of Rs 25 if the transaction could not processed successfully.

The transaction which would be earlier come under the category of free limit. Either the amount maybe 1.5 or the first four monetary transactions. In the non-home section, the fund limit is Rs 25,000 a day. If a transaction exceeds the limit, a charge of Rs 5 will used per thousand.

The depositing and withdrawing limit is disparate in both sections. The payment is 150 or 5 Rs per thousand, whichever is higher. If a deposit made in the third-party account, Rs 10 or Rs 150 would be paid depending on the higher rate.

In the Axis Bank, non-financial transactions are limitless and have no cost. In metro towns, three transactions are free in financial and non-financial cases. The withdrawn charge is Rs 21 from Axis and Non-Axis banks, but if the limit increases.