Nikhil Meswani: The Highest Paid Employee of Reliance Industries

Nikhil Meswani is the highest paid employee of Reliance Industries and the son of Mukesh Ambani's first boss, Rasikbhai Meswani. When Mukesh Ambani was getting into the business empire of his father Dirubhai Ambani, he was placed under the stewardship of Rasikbhai Meswani. Meswani was a son of Dhirubhai Ambani's elder sister Trilochna and one of founding directors of Reliance. In an old interview, Mukesh Ambani said that Dhirubhai Ambani told him that Rasikbhai would be his first boss.

Nikhil Meswani joined Reliance in 1986 and since July 1, 1988, he has been a Whole-time Director, designated as Executive Director, on the Board of the Company. He is primarily responsible for the petrochemicals division and has made major contributions towards Reliance becoming a global leader in petrochemicals.

Nikhil Meswani, originally a project officer, now ranks as Reliance Industries' top earner, serving as Executive Director. He earns around Rs. 24 crore each, which means Nikhil Meswani earns around Rs.13 lakh every day. This is way more than the salary of Rs. 15 crore per annum that Mukesh Ambani used to take before the pandemic.

Overall, it's clear that Reliance Industries is in the safest hands, and its highest paid employee Nikhil Meswani is doing a great job.