Physics Wallah Rise! Revenue Explodes 3.4x to Rs 798 Crore

Edtech platform Physics Wallah just had a mind-blowing year. Their revenue in 2023 (FY23) is Rs 798 crore, that's over 3 times more than what they made last year! Physics Wallah, the online learning platform, just had a record-breaking year. Their revenue in 2023 skyrocketed to a huge Rs 798 crore – that's over 3 times more than they made in 2022!

While PW's revenue was rising like a science experiment gone right, their spending also went on a bit of a grow. Their costs jumped from Rs 103 crore last year to Rs 777 crore in 2023! Employee costs also increased from just Rs 42 crore last year to a whopping Rs 406 crore in 2023. 

Their "revenue from operations," which is the money they earned from selling courses and such, jumped from a nominal Rs 232 crore in 2022 to Rs 772 crore in 2023! By March 2023, they had collected Rs 750 crore – that's almost half their yearly earnings! And it shows because they're attracting more students than ever before. In 2023, 24 lakh students signed up for PW's courses, which is double the number from last year! 

The number of students enrolled in their online courses rises from 9 lakh in 2022 to 23.5 lakh in 2023 – that's 2.5 times more! Even their offline classrooms saw growth, with student numbers multiplying by 5.5 to reach 60,000!

He revealed their ambitious plans to expand into even more subjects! They're aiming to help students with studying abroad, preparing for postgraduate exams, learning new skills, and even laying a strong foundation in their studies. All this will be done using the same winning formula that made PW popular: creating a supportive community, delivering high-quality education, and keeping it all affordable. 

PW increasing a cool $100 million to its growth. And they didn't just spend it all – they made smart partnerships with eight different companies, all bringing in more money.