PM Modi Gifts India YashoBhoomi On His Birthday

On his special day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave India a huge gift - the YashoBhoomi International Convention and Expo Centre. This place is going to be one of the biggest spots in the world for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. Imagine a big space where people come together for all sorts of events and discussions.

PM Modi did something quite unexpected. He chose to take the metro, just like us regular folks, to get to the Convention Centre. And guess what? The Delhi Airport Metro Express line got extended to make it easier for people to reach the Centre.

YashoBhoomi promises a cool experience inside with a big 10.1-inch infotainment system (like a giant screen for info and entertainment), a fancy 10.25-inch display for important stuff, a sunroof that shows the sky all around, and a pad to charge your phone without wires.

But there's more. PM Modi also launched something called "PM Vishwakarma" to help traditional artists and craftsmen. They will get loans up to Rs 3 lakhs (imagine getting so much money without worries), and they don't even need a guarantee from a bank.

The YashoBhoomi Convention Centre is like a big building with a main hall that can change how the seats are set up. There's also a fancy ballroom and 13 rooms for different kinds of meetings. It's like a hub of activity!

And guess what? YashoBhoomi is also one of the biggest places in the world to have exhibitions, trade fairs, and business events. Imagine a huge hall where people show off their cool stuff!

YashoBhoomi is not just a big building. It's a symbol of how awesome Indian art and crafts are. PM Modi wants the world to see our talents. It’s like a proud moment for every Indian!

To make sure everything went smoothly during this big event, the Delhi Traffic Police told people to take different roads. They wanted everyone to have a hassle-free journey.

YashoBhoomi is like a stepping stone for India. It's going to put us on the map globally for all the right reasons. So, it's not just a Convention Centre. It’s India saying, “Hey world, we've got something amazing to show you!”