Reliance Jio Launches JioBharat Phone At Rs 999: All You Need To Know About

Reliance Jio, a major player in the telecom industry, has introduced the JioBharat phone, aiming to bridge the digital gap for millions of feature phone users in India. With 250 million users still relying on 2G technology and basic phones without internet access, the JioBharat phone promises to bring affordable internet-enabled phones to all, especially those who cannot afford smartphones.

The JioBharat phone comes with a pocket-friendly price tag of just Rs 999, offering a 4G network connection, provided users have a Jio SIM card.

Key Features and Specifications:

The JioBharat phone offers several essential features, including an FM radio, 0.3MP camera, headphone jack, torch, and expandable storage. The device sports a 1.77-inch QVGA TFT display and has a removable 1000mAh battery. It also consists a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 0.3 MP camera. Users can expand storage using SD cards up to 128GB. Notably, the phone supports UPI payments through JioPay and provides access to JioCinema for movies, videos, and sports entertainment. Additionally, users can enjoy JioSaavn with over 8 crore songs in various languages.

Cheaper Connectivity Plans with More Data:

To complement the affordable phone, JioBharat offers cost-effective connectivity plans. For Rs 123, users can avail a 28-days plan with 14GB of data (0.5 GB per day) and unlimited voice calls. This plan is 30 percent cheaper than competitors' offerings and provides seven times more data. For those seeking a yearly option, JioBharat offers a Rs 1,234 plan, providing users with unlimited voice calls and 168GB of data (0.5 GB per day). This yearly plan is 25 percent cheaper than other operators' offerings and includes 7 times more data.

Reliance Jio's Mission: 2G-Mukt Bharat

Reliance Jio's vision with JioBharat phone is to transform the lives of 250 million feature phone users stuck on 2G networks by offering them internet-enabled phones. Several phone brands, beginning with Karbonn, planning to join hands to utilize the 'Jio Bharat platform' to produce JioBharat phones. The beta trial for the first 1 million JioBharat phones commences on July 7 and will cover 6,500 tehsils across the country.

With the JioBharat phone, Reliance Jio aims to revolutionize connectivity in India and ensure every individual can access the digital world without financial constraints. The future looks bright for affordable internet access and a seamless online experience for all!