Reliance Retail Launches First Standalone Swadesh Store In Hyderabad

In Hyderabad's Jubilee Hills, Reliance Retail launched the inaugural standalone Swadesh store, a haven for India's rich arts and crafts. Spanning 20,000 square feet, this store houses handcrafted fabrics, showcasing local artisans' skillful creations.

Nita Ambani, the founder of Reliance Foundation, inaugurated Swadesh, emphasizing its homage to India's artistry. It’s an ode to India’s rich arts, promoting ‘Make in India,’ and upholding traditional crafts. The store offers interactive "Scan and Know" technology, unveiling the backstory of each product.

Swadesh promises a collaborative space, allowing customers to design bespoke items. This artistic hub also hosts a farm-to-table café. This launch marks Reliance Retail's ambition to globalize India's traditional arts, planning expansion within India, the US, and Europe.

The Swadesh store serves as a pivotal milestone, honoring traditional Indian artists and artisans, offering them global exposure and stability. It’s a significant step towards preserving and showcasing India's heritage globally.