SBI Revolutionizes Cash Withdrawals, No ATM Card Needed!

In a groundbreaking move, SBI has transformed the way customers withdraw cash, eliminating the need for an ATM card. This innovation leverages the power of SBI's Yono App, making cash access more convenient than ever before.

SBI's Yono App brings a game-changing feature known as Inter Payable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW) that enables cash withdrawals at ATMs without the reliance on a physical debit card. This revolutionary service is set to streamline the way we access cash, even when we forget our ATM card at home.

SBI is well aware that the digital era has reduced our reliance on cash, and as a result, many individuals don't carry ATM cards regularly. To tackle this issue, SBI has ingeniously integrated its Yono App with UPI, allowing you to access cash without your debit card at all ATMs, making the process seamless and secure.

How to make a debit card-less cash withdrawal:

- Open your Yono App on your smartphone.
- Navigate to 'Cash Withdrawal' section within the app.
- Specify the exact cash amount you wish to withdraw.
- Select your preferred ATM.
- App will generate a unique QR code.
- Use phone to scan the QR code.
- Enter your UPI ID and UPI PIN as prompted.
- After inputting your UPI PIN, simply click 'Submit.'

Presto! Money will be issued from the ATM, and your transaction will be finished.

This transformative feature is available across all SBI ATMs and offers a more secure alternative to traditional ATM cards. With Inter Payable Cardless Cash Withdrawal, SBI is enhancing both convenience and security in cash access, promising a brighter and cardless future.