Starlink Will Soon Get The Satellite Communication License In India!

Starlink is one of the most renowned satellite internet service providers at the World level. In 2019, Elon Musk’s Starlink commenced its processes and introduced the low earth orbit satellites. It started its services in the year 2021.

Today! Starlink has around 4600 satellites in space. It provides a direct internet connection in distant regions of the World. Starlink supplies its services to 60 nations across North and South America, Europe, Africa, and a few areas around Australia.

Starlink has met all their lawful formalities to get the satellite communication service in India. The Indian Government has set the criteria for satellite services, and the Starlink group is satisfied with these essentials.

GOL has finished the security checkup of Starlink as per the report. Once the verification process ends, the industry will get its GMPCS license that permits the company to start commercial internet services for both the organization and the individual.

The GMPCS licence comprises internet, voice and messaging services. It provides its direct-to-cell services to regions. The regions where LTE phones directly contact with low-orbit satellites for voice and data services. Starlink is also yielding with Indian standards considering data storage and data transfer.

No Doubt! Starlink infrastructure makes it the tough player in the satellite internet service unit. It will also have challenging competition with Amazon, Airtel Oneweb, and Reliance Jio in India.
As we marked the 4G Revolution 2016, the Satcom internet market is assumed to have high competition in the future.

Reliance Jio and Airtel OneWeb have got their GMPCS license from the Indian Department of Telecommunication. Under the beta stage, Reliance Jio and Airtel OneWeb test their working of satellite internet services.
Amazon also applied for GMPCS, but the Indian Government have yet to evaluate its application request.

The growth has mainly observe in the developing towns. TRAI notices the exponential growth in the number of Indian broadband users. Rural areas have limited broadband connectivity as high investment is required to set up underground cables and internet services.

Satellite internet services are hard to take into those areas which are difficult to reach. The setup requires a small antenna that will have direct internet.

Starlink can offer speeds up to 300Mbps. It also has the chance to increase the internet speed by introducing more space satellites in future. It aims to install over 42,000 satellites for the long term which would be ten times 4600 satellites.