TRAI Advises Caution: Beware Of Defrauding Calls Threatening Mobile Disconnection

TRAI has received reports of a new scam where scammers are copying government officials to mislead individuals. The scammers are making false claims about mobile number disconnections due to misuse and are pressuring people to join Skype calls.

TRAI has issued a warning regarding a new scam involving scammers masquerading as TRAI representatives and falsely informing individuals that their mobile numbers will be disconnected due to the misuse of their numbers for sending uninvited messages.

TRAI's official press release additionally underscores that the scammers are also making false claims about obtaining SIM cards using the public's Aadhaar numbers and engaging in illegal activities. To avoid the scammers are persuading the public to join Skype video calls.

TRAI strongly advises the public that these calls are dishonest and repeats that the government agency has not empowered any entity to contact customers regarding mobile number disconnection. Therefore, individuals are cautioned against responding to any calls or SMS claiming disconnection or blocking of any mobile number belonging to individual telecom customers, as all such communications are illegal.

Engaging with the Skype call started by scammers posing as TRAI agents could risk your personal information and financial security. They may also attempt to fool you into transferring funds to them. During the Skype call, the scammers may send you a phishing link through the chat window.

Clicking on this link could redirect you to a defrauding website that closely resembles an official TRAI site, where they could steal your login credentials or other sensitive information. The scammers may attempt to persuade you to download malware onto your device. This malware could grant them access to your files, financial records, or even control of your device.

Under the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR) 2018 implemented by TRAI, Access Service Providers hold the responsibility for taking appropriate measures against mobile numbers used to transmit uninvited communications.

To report dishonest communication, TRAI encourages individuals to contact their respective service providers directly through their customer service centres or via the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal at When reporting, provide essential details such as the phone number, content, date, and time of the unsolicited communication.