Wooden Cybertruck: Vietnamese YouTuber's Creation Captivates Elon Musk

A remarkable video posted on the YouTube channel ND - Woodworking Art chronicles the particular 100-day journey of crafting a functional Tesla Cybertruck replica.

A Vietnamese woodworker has captivated the internet with his extraordinary craftsmanship and unwavering passion, meticulously constructing a fully functional wooden model of the Tesla Cybertruck.

A captivating video on the YouTube channel ND - Woodworking Art showcases the detailed 100-day transformation of a metal frame into a fully functional wooden prototype of the iconic Tesla Cybertruck.

Accompanying the video, the woodworker wrote a heartfelt note expressing his deep admiration for Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his deep passion for wooden vehicles. He detailed the immense effort and dedication poured into crafting the Cybertruck video and appealed to his audience to help spread the word, expecting to catch the attention of Elon Musk and the Tesla team.

Acknowledging the challenges Tesla has experienced in realizing the Cybertruck vision, the woodworker expressed determined faith in Elon Musk's leadership and Tesla's capabilities. He announced his belief that this groundbreaking vehicle would ultimately succeed against all odds.

Elon Musk took notice of the woodworker's post and graciously gave his request. Musk's response, "Sure, much appreciated," underscored his admiration for the woodworker's dedication and creativity in crafting the wooden Cybertruck.