Zerodha Clarifies OTP Notifications Issue On Kite App

If you've been using the Kite app, Zerodha's online stock trading platform, you may have recently received notifications on your mobile asking you to share a one-time password (OTP).

Understandably, this raised concerns among Kite app users.
Some users reported receiving multiple OTPs within a short period, prompting them to reach out to Zerodha for clarification. They posted their concerns on various platforms, seeking explanations for this unusual activity.

One user posted, "Received 20 OTPs in less than 20 mins. Please confirm if it’s a technical glitch or a security breach?? Customer support not available," tagging Zerodha's official handle.

Another user expressed similar worries, "Receiving OTP frequently without trying to log in. Is this a system issue or is someone trying to log in?"

And another user asked, "Any technical glitch at Zerodha? I have received Kite - 2FA OTP on all 4 of my family members' demat registered email ids, however, I have neither requested OTP nor tried to log in. Please help."

Some frustrated users raised concerns about the platform's security and urged Zerodha to upgrade their system. This surge in OTP notifications came after Groww recently overtook Zerodha as the country's largest stockbroker, as per data by the National Stock Exchange.

In response to the complaints, Zerodha issued a clarification, stating, "Some of our users erroneously received email login OTPs due to maintenance activity. Please ignore this email. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused."

Zerodha said sorry for any trouble caused, but some users want the platform to get better. This situation shows how stockbrokers compete and why having a strong and safe online trading experience matters. Keep an eye out for more news!