Google Launches New ING Top Level Domains

Google has just introduced brand-new TLD with ".ING." These TLDs will allow businesses and individuals to register domains with the “.ing” extension. This new extension will give users more options when it comes to creating their own unique & memorable web addresses.

The “.ing” TLD generally signifies that the domain is related to a particular field or industry. You can use this for anything, like tech, money, food, or fashion. It's useful for business owners who want to stand out online. Google's new web address ending is also awesome for small businesses wanting to shine on the internet.

The .ing TLD can be used to create a memorable website address that will help customers easily find and remember their business. This could be particularly useful for businesses with long and complicated names.

In addition to businesses, the “.ing” TLD could also be used by individuals who want to create a personal website or blog. It's perfect for people who want to be different and have their very own special online identity.

The new “.ing” TLDs are available now and can be registered through Google Domains. The price to register a domain name can differ, but it begins at $12 annually. It’s also possible to purchase additional services such as private registration, email forwarding, and hosting.

Google’s new “.ing” TLDs offer businesses and individuals the chance to create a unique and memorable web address. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from others and create a strong online presence.