ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule Announced, Check The Complete Update!

The countdown to the highly anticipated ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 has begun, and cricket enthusiasts worldwide can now rejoice as the schedule for this grand event has been revealed. ICC revealed the highly anticipated schedule during the 'Countdown to the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023' event in Mumbai.

The forthcoming World Cup promises to be the biggest ever, featuring ten teams battling it out across ten prestigious venues in India. Scheduled to be held from October 5 to November 19, the tournament will kick off with an exhilarating opener between defending champions England and the finalists of the 2019 World Cup, New Zealand, at the spectacular Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Also, to add more excitement, the final will also take place at the same venue.

Let's take a closer look at the match schedules & host cities for ICC World Cup 2023.


Date Match
October 5 England vs New Zealand (Opening Match)
October 15 India vs Pakistan
November 4 England vs Australia
November 10 South Africa vs Afghanistan
November 19 Final


Date Match
October 6 Pakistan vs Qualifier 1
October 9 New Zealand vs Qualifier 1
October 12 Pakistan vs Qualifier 2


Date Match
October 7 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Day Game)
October 10 England vs Bangladesh
October 16 South Africa vs Qualifier 1
October 22 India vs New Zealand
October 29 Australia vs New Zealand (Day Game)


Date Match
October 7 South Africa vs Qualifier 2
October 11 India vs Afghanistan
October 14 England vs Afghanistan
October 25 Australia vs Qualifier 1
November 6 Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2


Date Match
October 8 India vs Australia
October 14 New Zealand vs Bangladesh
October 18 New Zealand vs Afghanistan
October 23 Pakistan vs Afghanistan
October 27 Pakistan vs South Africa


Date Match
October 13 Australia vs South Africa
October 17 Australia vs Qualifier 2
October 21 Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2 (Day Game)
October 29 India vs England
November 3 Qualifier 1 vs Afghanistan


Date Match
October 19 India vs Bangladesh
October 30 Afghanistan vs Qualifier 2
November 1 New Zealand vs South Africa
November 8 England vs Qualifier 1
November 12 Australia vs Bangladesh (Day Game)


Date Match
October 20 Australia vs Pakistan
October 26 England vs Qualifier 2
November 4 New Zealand vs Pakistan (Day Game)
November 9 New Zealand vs Qualifier 2
November 11 India vs Qualifier 1


Date Match
October 21 England vs South Africa
October 24 South Africa vs Bangladesh
November 2 India vs Qualifier 2
November 7 Australia vs Afghanistan
November 15 Semifinal 1


Date Match
October 28 Qualifier 1 vs Bangladesh
October 31 Pakistan vs Bangladesh
November 5 India vs South Africa
November 12 England vs Pakistan
November 16 Semifinal 2 (if India vs Pakistan)

It's important to note that if the West Indies qualify, they will be referred to as Q1, regardless of their position in qualifiers. Similarly, Sri Lanka will be designated as Q2 if they qualify.

The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 will provide cricket lovers with a thrilling display of talent, intense rivalries, and unforgettable moments. As the tournament returns to India for the first time since 2011, fans both domestically & internationally can expect an amazing cricketing experience. Mark your calendars and gear up for the biggest cricketing event that will captivate the world of cricket.