Jennie Of BLACKPINK Opens Up About Her Mid-Performance Departure From The Melbourne Concert

In a heartfelt message to her fans, BLACKPINK's Jennie has spoken out about her departure from the group's concert in Melbourne, Australia. Apologizing for not being able to complete the show, she expressed her determination to recover and appreciated the understanding and support from her fans.

Although the exact details of Jennie's health condition remain unknown, YG Entertainment, the group's agency, issued an apology to the concert attendees and assured fans that they are prioritizing Jennie's speedy recovery.

Jennie's condition worsened during the performance, and despite her strong determination to continue, medical advice prompted immediate measures to ensure her rest and stability.

BLACKPINK has been on their Born Pink World Tour since October, and this incident comes after their first world tour concluded in 2022. Jennie previously shared her struggles with physical and mental health, partly attributed to their demanding schedule and lack of rest.

However, Jennie has expressed growth and resilience, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing her well-being. She has learned valuable lessons about health and mental wellness, highlighting the positive impact it has on her overall happiness and strength.

While Jennie takes time to recover, BLACKPINK's upcoming tour stops in Sydney, Australia, are scheduled to proceed as planned on Friday and Saturday. Fans continue to show their support and hope for Jennie's swift recovery, eagerly awaiting the group's captivating performances.