Joe Biden Visits UK Amid Ukraine Concerns: Meeting Sunak And King Charles

US President Joe Biden has arrived in the UK for the Nato summit in Lithuania, but concerns have been raised by some allies about his decision to provide cluster bombs to Ukraine. The UK and Canada, among others, are worried about the danger these banned weapons pose to civilians.

During his visit, President Biden will meet UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to discuss various issues, including the ongoing war in Ukraine. While Sunak hasn't directly criticized Biden, he mentioned that the UK is part of an international treaty that bans cluster bombs.

New Zealand, which comes under Nato, strongly opposed the use of cluster bombs due to the harm they can cause to innocent people. Cluster bombs release smaller explosives over a wide area and can remain dangerous even after they are dropped.

President Biden's visit to the UK also includes a meeting with King Charles, marking their first encounter since his coronation. Afterward, Nato members will gather in Vilnius to discuss ammunition stockpiles and defense plans.

The decision to provide cluster bombs to Ukraine has caused disagreement among Nato allies. While the US believes these weapons are necessary due to Ukraine's limited ammunition, countries like Canada and Spain have opposed their use. Germany understands the American position but won't supply cluster bombs themselves.

President Biden's visit is significant for the Nato alliance, as there are challenges and differences that need to be addressed. However, the focus is expected to be on diplomatic gestures and protocols to maintain a positive transatlantic relationship.