Nick Kyrgios Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles: Battling Suicide And Seeking Help After Wimbledon Defeat

In a candid and deeply personal revelation, Australian tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios shared his battle with mental health, including contemplating suicide and seeking treatment in a London psychiatric ward after his defeat at Wimbledon in the year 2019. Kyrgios' poignant account, featured in an upcoming documentary series by Netflix, "Break Point," sheds light on his long-standing struggle with mental well-being.

Following his loss to Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon four years ago, Kyrgios took the courageous step of seeking professional help by checking into a Hospital situated in London to address his inner turmoil. During the tournament, he wore a compression sleeve on his right arm to conceal scars, hinting at his hidden pain.

Recalling the difficult period, Kyrgios revealed, "I was genuinely contemplating suicide. I lost at Wimbledon. I woke up, and my dad was sitting on the bed, full-blown crying. That was the big wake-up call for me. I was like, 'OK, I can't keep doing this.' I ended up in a psych ward in London to figure out my problems."

Kyrgios also disclosed that he was struggling with substance abuse, stating, "I was drinking, abusing drugs," while his relationship with family & friends was deteriorating. The weight of constant public scrutiny and the pressure of high expectations took a toll on his mental well-being, leading him to despise the person he had become.

The tennis star's psychologist, Sam Borenstein, confirmed Kyrgios had experienced major depressive episodes during the time, resorting to alcohol & drugs as coping mechanisms. These struggles resulted in impulsive & reckless behavior.

Although Kyrgios faced legal consequences for an incident unrelated to his mental health, the magistrate refrained from recording a conviction. Recognizing the circumstances, the court considered the offense to be at the lower end of seriousness for a common assault, lacking premeditation, and taking into account Kyrgios' clean criminal record.

In response to the court ruling, Kyrgios made a statement from a management company, expressing remorse and regret for his actions. He acknowledged being in a dark place during that time and emphasized his commitment to personal growth and learning from his mistakes. Kyrgios emphasized the importance of seeking help and working on oneself to overcome mental health challenges, offering hope to those facing similar struggles.