The Nun 2: The Habit-Forming Ghoul Returns in a Satisfying Sequel

The Nun 2, is an insufficient but enjoyable movie. The Nun 2 has shown audiences still want to watch horror films. The 2018 The Nun was the biggest hit to date.

As a result, The Nun 2, a direct sequel, was released. The Nun 2 is a mixed pack. The first part of the Nun movie (which introduced the titular character in The Conjuring 2) was disorganised and meaningless. A Vatican priest who searched demons in Cold War-era Romania.

Corin Hardy's The Nun was mysterious in terms of its visuals, with rich, decorated old-school Gothic atmospheres (swirling fog, refracted light, etc.) that were similar to the films of Mario Bava or the Universal backlot movies of the 1940s.

The action in The Nun 2 takes place in a small convent in France, even as director Michael Chaves and his writers create ways to keep Sisters Irene and Debra busy on their roundabout journey there.
The strapping Quebecois nice guy Maurice has also kept his past supernatural troubles to himself.

He prefers to discreetly court the resident teacher Kate (Anna Popplewell) and take a fatherly interest in her bullied daughter Sophie (Katelyn Rose Downey).

This school was once a monastery, its chapel boarded up after being hit by a World War II bomb that claimed the life of the stern headmistress' (Suzanne Bertish) son. However, this shuttered historic location hides other secrets, ones that attract the dread of Demon Nun (Bonnie Aarons).

In any case, the main focus of the film is on Bloquet and young Downey. The younger Farmiga is somewhat unexpectedly given no more attention than Reid in the climax, even though she is supposed to be the main character.

All of the actors do a good job under the circumstances. However, the script does not require much nuance and a sentimental ending does not make up for it.

The destination is not what matters in these movies, but the scares along the way. (And it's just as well since The Nun II culminates in something reminiscent of the prior film's nonsensical climax, in which Sister Irene spat the blood of Christ into a demon's face.)

However, when the final credits, few viewers will remember where the film leaves the overall Conjuring saga, or why it matters.