Totally Killer: A Must-See For Fans Of Horror And Comedy

Totally Killer opens with a brutal murder in 1987 by the Sweet Sixteen Killer, setting the stage for the film's time-hopping premise. Cut to 2023, and we meet Jamie (Kiernan Shipka), a modern-day teenager haunted by her mother Pam's (Julie Bowen) past encounters with the killer. When tragedy strikes on Halloween night, Jamie finds herself charmed back to 1987 via a homemade time machine built by her friend Amelia (Kelcey Mawema).

The '80s setting provides great opportunities for culture clash and comedy as Jamie struggles to adjust to a world of big hair and bad fashion. Shipka's humour and confused reactions add a layer of charm to her instantly likeable character. The film wisely adopts a "just go with it" attitude towards its great belief, which works to its advantage.

Totally Killer favours humour over horror, with a regular joke about the lack of basic security measures adding to the film's comedic tone. The humour often stems from Jamie's clashes with the '80s environment, providing plenty of laughs. However, the film doesn't shy away from horrific violence when necessary, maintaining the suspense.