Viral Teen Influencer Lil Tay Dead at 14

The reason for Lil Tay's death is still under investigation. But her mother, Angela Tian, announced it on Twitter. "My daughter is no longer with us," Tian wrote.

Lil Tay became famous in 2017 by posting videos on social media where she talked about how rich and successful she was. Many people thought she was not being genuine and they accused her of faking her wealth and lifestyle.

However, Lil Tay also had a lot of fans. People liked her because she was confident and outspoken. They didn't care that she sometimes said things that were controversial.

In recent months, Lil Tay had been keeping a lower profile. She had deleted her social media accounts and was reportedly living with her mother in Canada.

Lil Tay's death has made a lot of people feel sad. They are mourning her loss and remembering her fondly. They have been posting on social media to express their sadness and to remember her.

"I'm so sad to hear about Lil Tay's passing," tweeted rapper Bhad Bhabie. "She was such a young talent with so much potential." "This is so heartbreaking," wrote singer Kehlani. "Lil Tay was just a kid."

Lil Tay's death is a reminder that even young people are not immune to tragedy. She will be remembered for being herself. She was not afraid to be herself, even if it meant being different or controversial. Lil Tay was a big deal on the internet. Lil Tay was well-known on the internet.

Information about Lil Tay's life and career:

She was born in Vancouver, Canada, in 2006.

Her real name was Tayannah Marie Paul.

Lil Tay's videos became very popular very quickly.

She was known for her bold lifestyle and her rude raps.

She was also known for her argument with other internet personalities, such as Bhad Bhabie.

It is still too early to say what caused Lil Tay's death.