WhatsApp To Offer New Email Login Option For Account Access

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature allowing users to log into their accounts via email, requiring a linked phone number for account association. This update will facilitate account access without relying on a cellular connection.

The latest WhatsApp beta version introduces an option to link an email account to a user's WhatsApp account. The app now allows users to add their email address. After typing the email, a link is sent to their inbox to check it's theirs. Once it’s verified, you can use it to sign in and receive the 6-digit code.

To add your email, go to Account Settings and choose Email Address from the options.

While phone numbers remain mandatory for WhatsApp accounts, this feature serves as a convenient alternative in scenarios where users face difficulties receiving SMS messages.

For instance, this can benefit individuals who prefer using WhatsApp while abroad but might keep their phone’s cellular connection off. With this new feature, logging in over Wi-Fi becomes more accessible without the need for a cellular network.

The email login feature is currently part of WhatsApp's beta version for iOS and Android, labeled as version If the feature performs well during the beta phase, it is anticipated to roll out to the standard version of the app in the near future.