Aamir Bashir's 72 Hoorain Fails To Impress At The Box Office

72 Hoorain, the controversial film starring Aamir Bashir, had a disappointing opening at the box office on Day 1. The makers of 72 Hoorain were hoping for a box office collection of ₹1 crore, but the film only managed to collect ₹0.35 crore on Day 1.

The film's low opening of the film can be a few factors, such as the lack of promotion, the controversy regarding the film, and not release on all platforms.

The film has been facing controversy since its trailer was released, with some people criticizing it for being heartless and praising terrorism, while others have defended it showing awareness and acceptance of the reality of the lives of terrorists.

The film's limited release is also likely to have affected its box office performance. The film was not released in many theatres, with only 200 screens across India.

It remains to be seen whether 72 Hoorain will be able to pick up steam in the coming days.

However, the recent box office performance suggests that it has not been able to please the audiences.

Some Other factors that have been responsible for the film's low opening:

The film's subject matter is not particularly appealing to a wide audience.

The film's marketing campaign was not very effective.

The film was released at a time when the competition for audiences was fierce.

It is still too early to say whether 72 Hoorain will be a commercial success.