Aarya Season 3 Review: Sushmita Sen Takes Charge As Lady Don

Sushmita Sen returns as the feisty Aarya in the third installment of the popular series directed by Ram Madhvani, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

The series begins with Aarya (played by Sushmita) getting shot at (no spoilers here, since this was out in the trailer). This is followed by the story shifting to four weeks earlier where we see Aarya smoking a cigar like a total Boss Lady as Kedia updates her about their opium business.

We see the devilish side of Lady Don, who knows how to get her work done when one Garodia is not ready to sell her land (where opium is cultivated). Aarya suffered a major setback at the start of the season, losing a close aide and then facing a blow to her business.

At every turn, we're reminded that Aarya took over her husband's criminal empire to protect her family. The first two seasons, Aarya Season 3 are full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Although Aarya Season 3 follows a similar pattern, it still manages to surprise viewers with its twists. Four out of eight episodes have been released so far, and Aarya finds herself in deep trouble, with the Russian mafia, the Indian drug cartel run by Nalini Sahiba (Ila Arun), and Suraj Singhania (Indraniel Sengupta), all vying for her life.

Sushmita Sen yet again delivers a powerful performance as Aarya, capturing the character's strength, vulnerability, and determination.
The supporting cast in Aarya Season 3 is also excellent, with Viren Vazirani, Ila Arun, Geetanjali Kulkarni, and Vishwajeet Pradhan, all delivering impressive performances.

Aarya is a complex and flawed protagonist, yet she's also very relatable. She does everything to protect her family. The other characters are also quite interesting, each with their motivations and agendas, which often clash with Aarya's.

Another factor that makes 'Aarya Season 3' so entertaining is its stylish direction and high production values. Sushmita Sen's Aarya is a sight to behold in the stunningly shot third season of the hit crime thriller series.

Overall, 'Aarya Season 3' is a good watch for the series' loyalists and crime thrillers in general and will make you interested in watching this show.