Moto G34 5G Arrives Jan 9th! Affordable 5G power Is here!

The G34 5G might be hitting Indian shores sooner than you think. While Motorola hasn't confirmed it yet, rumours are stirring that it comes with a Snapdragon 695 chip that could launch on January 9th. It promises superfast 5G at a budget-friendly price, along with a decent 50MP main camera and a smooth 120Hz display. its 5,000mAh battery should keep you powered up all day long.

Image Source : Motorola

The Moto G34 5G could be zooming into India on January 9th.  the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chip, making it a potential speed in its category. Well, the G34 5G is gearing up to take its place, promising even more speed and power with its next-gen 5G tech. The G34 5 G is already available in China, where it's causing quite a stir for its budget-friendly price. You can score one right now for around Rs. 11,600.

Get ready for the Moto G34 5G, powered by the latest Android 13 and boasting a super smooth 6.5-inch display with a refresh rate of 120Hz (that means things move real fast!). Inside, you'll find a punchy Snapdragon 695 chip paired with a generous 8GB of RAM, and if you need even more, the phone can borrow up to 8GB from your unused storage.