Waayu, The Zero Fee Food Delivery App Backed By Suneil Shetty Launches In Mumbai

The food delivery landscape in Mumbai is about to witness a significant change as Bollywood actor Suneil Shetty launches Waayu, a new zero fee food delivery application. With the aim of providing restaurants with a platform that charges zero commission, Waayu enters the market at an intriguing time when the government-backed Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform is gaining momentum. In this article, we explore the exciting launch of Waayu in Mumbai and delve into its unique features.

Challenging Times and Lean Operations

In an interview with Moneycontrol, Suneil Shetty sheds light on the funding winter and the current challenging scenario in the startup ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a lean team and focusing on basic cash flow, Shetty expresses his commitment to supporting exceptional founders and innovative ideas while emphasizing the significance of having effective management in place.

A Strategic Launch Amidst Changing Dynamics

Waayu's entry into the market coincides with Swiggy's decision to implement a platform fee of Rs 2 on every order, making the government-backed ONDC platform increasingly appealing. Founded by Anirudha Kotgire and Mandar Lande of Destek HORECA, Waayu has commenced its services in Mumbai and has already onboarded numerous restaurants. The app has ambitious plans to expand to other metro and non-metro cities across India.

Zero Commission Structure and Rapid Expansion

Waayu distinguishes itself by adopting a unique pricing model. Rather than charging commissions on a per-order basis, the app implements fixed fees starting at Rs 1,000 per month per outlet, which will be later increased to Rs 2,000. With nearly 1,000 restaurant listings already on the app, Waayu anticipates this number to reach 10,000 within three months, encompassing both Mumbai and Pune.

Suneil Shetty's Strategic Involvement

Suneil Shetty not only serves as the brand ambassador for Waayu but also holds equity in the company. Drawing from his extensive experience in the restaurant and hotel industry, along with his background in hotel administration and food technology, Shetty identifies the need for a solution to address the high commissions charged by food delivery apps, which impact both restaurants and customers. He sees Waayu as a remarkable opportunity to address this pressing issue.

Strong Support from Indian Hotel & Restaurant Association, Mumbai

Waayu has received significant support from the Indian Hotel & Restaurant Association, Mumbai (AHAR). This collaboration has enabled the app to establish a robust pipeline of restaurants and customers, facilitating its growth and market penetration.

Final Thoughts

The launch of Waayu, the zero fee food delivery app backed by Suneil Shetty, marks an exciting development in Mumbai's food delivery ecosystem. With its distinctive zero commission model and plans for expansion across India, Waayu aims to revolutionize the industry and address the challenges faced by restaurants and customers alike. With the support of industry associations and the vision of Suneil Shetty, Waayu is poised to make a significant impact in the food delivery space.