Gland Pharma Share Price Surges 20% On Strong Q1 Results And Promising Outlook

Gland Pharma, a big company making medicines, has seen its shares go up a lot, by 20%. This means the value of each share went higher, reaching Rs 1,612.60 on the BSE on August 8.

Why did this happen? Well, Gland Pharma had really good results for the first part of the year (Q1) and also said they have good plans for the future.

A company called Jefferies, which knows a lot about money, changed its mind about Gland Pharma. They used to think Gland Pharma's shares were not so good, but now they think they are good and they said people should buy them. They even said the shares could go up to Rs 1,640.

Jefferies said Gland Pharma did well in Q1. They sold a lot of things in the USA and the company is also going to start selling new things. This is good news for the company.

Someone who knows about money and business, Anil Singhvi, said people should buy Gland Pharma shares too. He said if you buy them at Rs 1,300 and sell them later, you could make a good profit, maybe at Rs 1,375, Rs 1,390, Rs 1,400, or Rs 1,425.

Singhvi also said Gland Pharma is doing better in many ways. They are selling more things in the USA, and they are making new things. He also said other medicine companies' shares are not worth a lot now, but they could go up soon.

Gland Pharma's Q1 Results
In the first part of the year, Gland Pharma made a lot more money. They got Rs 1,208.6 crore, which is a lot more than Rs 856.89 crore they got last year at the same time.

But, the money they kept after spending was a bit less. Last year, they kept Rs 229 crore, and now they have Rs 194 crore. This is a bit less.

But the good thing is that the money they made before spending, which is called EBIDTA, went up. Last year, it was Rs 270 crore, and now it's Rs 294 crore.

So, even though they kept a bit less money, they're still doing pretty well. They have plans to make even better in the future, and that's why their shares are going up.