IDFC First Bank Share Price Today: Up 0.8% At ₹99.24 - What You Need to Know

Date: September 5, 2023

IDFC First Bank investors had a reason to smile today as the bank's stock price closed at ₹99.24, marking a notable 0.8% increase from yesterday's closing price of ₹98.45.

Intraday Performance

Throughout the day, the IDFC First Bank stock showed signs of strength. The stock started the day at ₹95.32 and went as high as ₹98.47, but it also dipped to ₹94.62 at one point. This is all part of a larger pattern, with the highest price in the last year being ₹95.54 and the lowest being ₹45.60.

Trading Volume and Market Capitalization

Trading volume for IDFC First Bank on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was impressive, with a total of 5,126,171 shares changing hands. The bank's market capitalization currently stands at ₹64,495.71 crore.

Recent Price Changes

As of the most recent data, the closing price of IDFC First Bank stock was ₹99.24, reflecting a 0.8% percent change and a net change of 0.79 compared to the previous day's closing price of ₹98.45.

Price Range for the Day

The IDFC First Bank stock exhibited a price range during the day, with a low of ₹97.68 and a high of ₹100.74.

Key Futures Information

For those interested in futures trading, IDFC First Bank's September futures opened at ₹96.25 compared to the previous close of ₹95.80. Currently, the stock is trading at a spot price of ₹99.20, with a bid price of ₹95.50 and an offer price of ₹95.55. Notably, there's a substantial open interest of 259,485,000.

NSE Performance

On the National Stock Exchange (NSE), IDFC First Bank stock is priced at ₹99.44, reflecting a 1.01% percent change and a net change of 0.99. It suggests a slight increase in value.

Active Options and Strikes

In the options market, some of the top active call options for IDFC First Bank include those at strike prices of ₹100.00 (Expiry: 28 SEP 2023) and ₹95.00 (Expiry: 28 SEP 2023), with prices showing fluctuations. Similarly, active put options include those at strike prices of ₹90.00 (Expiry: 28 SEP 2023) and ₹85.00 (Expiry: 28 SEP 2023), with varying prices.

Final Thoughts

IDFC First Bank's stock price has shown resilience, with today's increase of 0.8%. Investors will keep a close eye on the bank's stock price in the coming days, watching to see how it reacts to changes in the market. Remember, stock prices can go up and down, so it's important to stay informed about what's happening in the market and do your research before deciding to invest.