Tata Motors Sells 9.9% Stake In Tata Technologies For Rs 1,613.7 Crore

In a strategic move, Tata Motors Limited (TML) has recently inked share purchase agreements to offload a 9.9% stake in Tata Technologies Ltd (TTL), a prominent global engineering services company. The sale comes at an impressive aggregate consideration of Rs 1,613.7 crore, positioning TPG Rise Climate as the lead investor in this significant transaction. The investment from TPG Rise Climate reflects an equity valuation of Rs 16,300 crore, translating to approximately US$ 2.0 billion for TTL.

Tata Technologies Ltd (TTL), a subsidiary of Tata Motors, is recognized for its innovative product development and digital solutions offered to global original equipment manufacturers. With a strong focus on the automotive industry, TTL extends its expertise to clients in adjacent sectors, including aerospace, transportation, and construction heavy machinery. Leveraging their deep manufacturing domain knowledge and a globally distributed service delivery capability, TTL consistently adds value to its clients through comprehensive services.

This strategic stake sale aligns with Tata Motors' broader agenda to de-leverage and optimize its business portfolio. The transaction is set to reach its completion within the next two weeks, pending the conclusion of customary closing procedures.

Furthermore, TTL's Initial Public Offering (IPO) remains on course as previously announced, with the timing of the IPO being carefully determined by the TTL board. This decision will be made post all final Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) clearances, considering market conditions and in consultation with the Book Running Lead Managers (BRLMs).

The move showcases Tata Motors' commitment to optimizing its financial structure and streamlining its operations while unlocking the true potential of Tata Technologies Ltd (TTL) to fuel growth and innovation in the global engineering services domain. Stay tuned for more updates as this transformative journey continues!