WhatsApp Bans Over 71 Lakh Accounts In India For November 2023

WhatsApp went on a major cleaning task in India last November! They banned 71 lakh (that's over 7 million!) "bad accounts" to follow the new IT rules. Almost 20 lakh of these accounts were kicked out before anyone even complained!

Despite banning millions of dodgy accounts, WhatsApp still received a record number of complaints in India last November. Over 8,800 users reported issues, though only six of these cases resulted in specific actions being taken. 

When WhatsApp says "Accounts Actioned", it means they did something about a reported issue, like banning a bad account. "Taking action" can mean either kicking someone off WhatsApp or, surprisingly, letting someone back on who was banned before. 

In this report, WhatsApp shares two key things:

  1. What users told them: This includes all the complaints they received about things like spam, scams, and inappropriate content.
  2. What WhatsApp did about it: This covers both their proactive efforts to catch bad accounts before users even complain and the specific actions they took based on user reports, like banning people or letting them back on if they got wrongly kicked off.

The government just launched a special committee called the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) to help you, if you have any problems with content or other issues on these platforms.