WhatsApp Rolls Out 'Voice Message Transcripts' Feature: What You Need To Know

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature called 'Voice Message Transcripts' that allows users to access the content of voice messages in situations where they are unable to listen to the message. This new feature is currently available for a small number of beta testers, with a wider rollout expected in the coming weeks.

How Does the Voice Message Transcripts Feature Work

With the 'Voice Message Transcripts' feature, WhatsApp processes voice messages locally on the user's device instead of sending them to remote servers. This way, users can access the content of the voice message even when they are in a situation where they cannot listen to the message.

For users who do not want to use the feature, they can easily turn it off by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Voice Message Transcripts. However, this feature is only available with iOS 16 and not with older versions of the operating system due to API restrictions.

Search for Specific Details in Transcribed Messages

Another benefit of the 'Voice Message Transcripts' feature is that it makes it easier to find information within lengthy voice notes. Users can search for specific details in the transcribed message, which saves them time and makes it easier to access important information.

How to Use the Voice Message Transcripts Feature

To use the 'Voice Message Transcripts' feature, users need to update their WhatsApp beta for iOS and have the TestFlight app installed. Once updated, users can go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Voice Message Transcripts and turn on or off the feature easily.

Final Thoughts

The new feature on WhatsApp is a useful addition for users who are unable to listen to voice messages in certain situations. The ability to access the content of voice messages via transcripts will make communication easier and more accessible for everyone. We look forward to the wider rollout of this feature, and we hope that WhatsApp will continue to introduce new features that enhance the user experience.